Can you spy on someone's Instagram DM?

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  1. Know your audience

    Understanding your audience is going to be very important if you want to go viral on Instagram. Firstly, you will need to know what kind of content your audience is interested in, and what are the things that they don’t like at all. Posting content that looks unappealing to your audience will not be beneficial for you. To understand your audience, you should consider factors like age, location, gender, and annual income.
  2. Be unique

    If you want to go viral on a social media platform, it is very important to create unique content. If you post the same things that others are posting, it may be hard for you to stand out in the crowd. But if you are creating unique content, people may like and share it, which will help you grow. Moreover, people will appreciate your efforts if you provide them with new content.
  3. See what your competitors post

    As we said, you shouldn’t copy what others post. However, if you keep track of your competitors, you may get new ideas, which will help you create valuable content for your audience. Borrowing ideas from others isn’t a bad thing, so this trick can prove helpful for you.