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Instadp – view & download Instagram profile picture in high resolution

Instazoom is the fastest Instagram viewer that’s created to enlarge the main image of any IG account. Inspect the instadp even of private accounts and those who have restricted access.

View Instagram profile picture anonymously

Inspect Insta dp of private accounts

Detect users who send you requests

Zoom in profile pictures & download

Instazoom – anonymous Instagram viewer

When you open an Instagram user's profile, you can discover the description, the Highlights, feed posts, and yet you might be extremely interested in looking at the main profile photo. It is impossible to enlarge and open this photo in the application. Usually, Instagram users don’t share the main Instadp in the feed or in Stories.

Therefore, with the help of this service, you can zoom in and download this cherished mini visual – the smallest on the IG account. With the help of one link to any account, the Instagram viewer will display the image placed next to the username.

This Instazoom is most valuable when users manage a private profile and want to track who they add to their following. If a person whose account is not public wants to follow you, then you can easily view the Instagram profile picture – this photo will be available in optimal resolution. After that, it will become clear whether it is worth accepting their subscription request.

If you zoom in on the main picture, you can easily understand who is depicted on it. Also, when you download the pictures of the main profiles, you can collect them on your gadget.

What are the advantages of this Instagram viewer?

Anonymous & secure service

Instagram is the social network where you may want to keep private. Users do not need to enter their personal data or log in to Instagram. Be sure that the user whose picture you have viewed will never guess that it was done.

Instagram profile picture download

It is possible to download any Instagram profile picture. You may like the main image so much that you want to download this picture. Instazoom allows you to do this and save the main image in original resolution.

Robust search speed

Some similar services may show you the main page on Instagram, but the search will take a long time. Our service is based on up-to-date technology. After inserting the link you will download an Instagram profile pic in a few seconds.

Free access

You can use our Instadp viewer service completely free of charge. Feel free to insert a link to public or private Instagram that you are interested in viewing and download the profile pic.

When should I use the Instagram profile picture viewer?

  • Use Instazoom when strangers send you a subscription request

  • Use Instazoom when you are cleaning the list of followers and cannot determine exactly who is following you

  • Use Instazoom when you need to collect examples of successful Instagram profiles pictures and download them.

  • Use Instazoom when you need to discover the IG profile pic of accounts that have restricted access with privacy settings.